Love is All You Need: Adoptable Art Project

I’m convinced at this point in my life I’m like an ultra sensitive dowsing rod, connected to my maker, the earth, and to the energy of life itself in a way that overwhelms or exhilarates me. Being such an antenna of intuition helps me in a lot of arenas. It primarily pays off though when opportunities come my way.  

 If an opportunity is right for me, an internal fire of energy and passion is instantly ignited in my belly, and my heart leaps up, as if inflated by helium. Right then and there I know I’m meant to take a particular journey.  

 A few weeks ago I came across a heartfelt project on facebook that lit an internal spark for me, and started a new journey for me. My heart elevated past my rib cage and I thought, “I have to do this!” The project I stumbled across was Adoptable Art, which uses artists as vehicles to help shelter cats get adopted through public awareness, art, and socialization. Artists through Adoptable Art spend time with shelter cats to help socialize them, and then they create artwork of the shelter cat of their choice, which is then donated to the shelter. Then the shelter gives the work to the adoptive pet parents.  For more information or if you want to get involved please go to: .

 After I received further details from the friendly founder of the Adoptable Art project I was glued to my cell phone.  After a few phone calls to a number of shelters, I was pleasantly surprised to find a receptive voice on the other end of the phone at the Laguna Beach Animal Shelter. I came by the following day, nervous, but excited. I was greeted by the friendly staff, who looked at me curiously, but kindly. Armed with drawing pads, pencils, my purse and a camera I was ready.    

 I was lead into the cat room and was greeted by 3 cats up for adoption. The names Peaches, Baby, and Linus were adorned on white boards beside the doorway. Linus, a 2-year-old domestic medium haired orange and white cat was the first cat who caught my eye. He sat comfortably in a nearby chair like it was his throne, with his yellow eyes at half-mast. I was especially struck by the beauty of his very regal, full tail that varied from a burnt copper to a milky white. It was almost like his tail was a decorative train to a luxurious coat. After I greeted a 2-year-old saucer eyed domestic long haired cat named Peaches who was in a cat kennel, I sat by Linus.

He allowed me to pet him, and I was struck by how incredibly soft he was. His coat was like a plush pile of down feathers. He closed his eyes as I pet him, and he flicked his ear. I could tell he had been through a lot in his life. To pet him was like I cast a comfort spell over him that made him feel whole. I looked in his sweet eyes and, in my own way, I could really relate. As someone who has not had a life of ease, and a share of life lessons fit with metaphorical black eyes, his presence brought me solace as I also brought him comfort.     

 After I visited with Linus I spent some time with Baby, a 1 and ½ – year-old Flame Point Siamese that spell bound me with her light blue eyes like the sky, and a white coat speckled with blushes of pale orange. She was a bit suspicious of me at first, but soon realized I was a playmate, not a foe, and allowed me to play with her red fish, which she curled her  four legs and little cat jaws around. She also loved to roll on her back where sunlight streamed in between the cat room spaces.  I found she was an artist herself, and her scratch post was her canvas. With artful precision, like a focused sculptor, she chiseled away furiously at it like a piece of marble.

 I then circled back around and observed sweet Peaches, and I found that whenever I put out my hand to her, she reached out her paw to me, like she would have put her paw in my hand if she could have. Toward the end of my visit I became teary eyed, as I often do when I’m touched.  The entire process really drove home for me the importance of projects such as Adoptable Art. Animals are defenseless and innocent, and projects like Adoptable Art create voices for them to be heard. I will do what I can to make my one voice ring out for them.  

 Pictured below are the cats I met, and the painting I did of Linus! If anyone is interested adopting any of these fabulous felines please go to or call (949) 497-3552. This painting also goes with whoever adopts Linus :)

I will continue to participate in this project, as I’ve learned several things already. The shelter cats  reinforced something very important that the Beatles have already told me, which is that “Love is all you need.”  


6 Responses to Love is All You Need: Adoptable Art Project

  1. Aline says:

    Awww buddy your post is so heart felt and beautiful that I teared up reading it. I am so glad you enjoyed the experience so much. Like you, after I volunteered I felt like my heart was SO full. I cnt wait to do it again.

    Linus is gorgeous and your painting is an awesome representation on him. Love the pretty paw, bushy tail and honest kind eyes. The person that decides to love on Linus will be a very lucky recipient. <3

  2. Jenny says:

    Aline, like I said before, had I not heard about this project from you I would have not known about it, so, thank YOU so much for being the vehicle for me to participate in this very special and important project. Linus really is so something huh? I’m convinced he must have been a gentle king or noble man in a past life or something lol :) . When I dropped off his painting I cried on the way home because he didn’t have a home yet, but I know the right family will find him! I will continue to spread awareness about he and his friends at the LBAS! Btw if you ever want to buddy up and go together to another shelter on behalf of Adoptable Art let me know! Let’s keep spreading the love! :)

  3. Adrian says:

    Great cause, great work! What a fantastic way to showcase your talent and contribute to the welfare of these animals. The world needs more people like you! Love it.

  4. Melissa says:

    OMG I totally teared up reading this. Even though I may actually be allergic to cats, reading this made me want to go to the shelter and adopt all 3 of them! You did a wonderful thing by volunteering your awesome art skills, and I love your painting :)

    • Jenny says:

      Thank you so much Melissa! I appreciate your support on all levels. Heck, if even if you just spread the word about about the shelter cats at the Laguna Beach Animal Shelter and Adoptable Art that helps them tremendously! If you ever want go w/ me to a shelter some time let me know! Just make sure you take a claritin or something beforehand haha. You’re awesome for commenting on here :)

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